4 Functions of Testosterone and How to Improve It

Testosterone is an important hormone for men. Testosterone production increases when men get older. After becoming an adult, around the age of 30, there is a decrease in production of this hormone. Most men have more than enough testosterone, but some experience a condition when testosterone is produced less than usual.

Testosterone has several important roles in the male body, one of which is for the reproductive system. In addition, as with estrogen which has a function in the formation of female bones, testosterone also has a function in the formation of bone density and muscle strength. In fact, this hormone also has an important role in certain habits carried out by men. Learn more about the various functions of the testosterone hormone.
What are the functions of the function of the testosterone hormone?

1. In the endocrine system

The body’s endocrine system has several glands that produce hormones. The process of testosterone can start from the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus sends signals to the pituitary gland (the pituitary gland) about how much testosterone is needed by the body. Then from the gland is sent to the testis, until the testis produces testosterone. Testosterone can also be produced in the adrenal gland, but testosterone produced in the adrenal gland is only a small part. When men get older, testosterone functions in sound formation, and some hair on body parts, for more information : http://vitalityflorida.com/testosterone-hormone-replacement-loxahatchee-wellington/.

2. In the reproductive system

When fertilization occurs, the hormone testosterone helps the male genital formation in the fetus. This happens about seven weeks after conception. When men get older, testosterone production also increases, so the formation and further changes in the penis and testicles begin. At this time, the testes produce large quantities of sperm every day. When testosterone is produced low, it’s likely that men can experience erectile dysfunction, for more information : erectile dysfunction therapy in Loxahatchee FL.

3. Encourage physical changes and sexual arousal

Since adolescence, men have experienced sexual urges or sexual desires. Increased testosterone production also makes men experience physical changes in the testicles, penis, and pubic hair. In addition, the body and muscles of men begin to form because of this increase in testosterone production. At this age, men will get sexual stimulation and even engage in sexual activity. Both of these can make testosterone produced increase.

In addition to physical changes, testosterone also affects the growth of fine hairs on the male body parts. Fine hairs will begin to grow thickly on the hands, feet, armpits and not rarely grow on the chest of men. There are even men who do testosterone therapy to increase their physical strength, but you need to know that the addition of testosterone can also affect the skin and chest enlargement in men. The effects on the skin can be irritation.

Testosterone is also capable of making bone and muscle formation. If in women estrogen deficiency can cause a risk of osteoporosis, testosterone deficiency can cause incomplete bone formation. Testosterone is also useful for burning fat in the body’s metabolism. Lack of testosterone can increase body fat.

4. Establish certain habits

Ever heard that men like to compete? Yes, it turns out that the habit of competing with men is due to the function of testosterone itself. This testosterone hormone affects certain habits such as things related to domination and aggression. Men believe that winning the competition can make them more confident. When a man loses and is less motivated, usually the testosterone hormone produced at that time will be low. The low level of testosterone produced can also affect the lack of energy in men, so it often spreads to sleep disorders.