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Talking to Your Teens About Opioids


As a parent, you try to cover all your bases.  You try to feed your children a healthy diet. You teach them to brush their teeth.  You make sure that they get enough sleep.  You help them with school work.  You try to keep them safe. The list goes on an on. But there may be an area where we as parents are falling short. We may be falling short in communicating to our teens the dangers of opioid use. What happens when you don’t address the issue with your teens?  Parents who fail to communicate the dangers of opioid use to their teenagers are missing an opportunity to save their children from a life of addiction.

“Parents are clueless. Kids know so much more than the parents do. Parents are in denial and they don’t want to think this could happen to them,” Don Wood said. He admitted he was clueless, too, when his son Donnie first started struggling with opioid abuse. “He was so functional. We didn’t know. We didn’t understand addiction. It was a slow spiral downward.” says Don Wood – A father who said he tried everything to help his son, but he may have underestimated the power of his son’s addiction.

Experts believe that parents failing to communicate with teens about the opioid epidemic may actually contribute to the issue.  Most of us want to take the best care of our children and would never want to expose them to harm so how do we remedy this problem?

In an excerpt from an article written by Paul Gaita it states that

The non-profit hospital and healthcare facility corporation, Dignity Health, issued a web-based survey about prescription opioid use to Arizona adults and teenagers. Among the responses they received was the fact that 25% of the

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