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How to Properly Lose Weight

There s a popular misconception of calorie counting where it is understood to be the act of drastically lowering the number of calories consumed in a day, to lose body weight. Calorie counting should not be taken to mean just restricting the amount of food you eat through the application of strict portion control. It can be observed that individuals seeking to reduce their body weight adopt the strategy of consuming as little as possible, just what is sufficient to sustain life. It is not a sustainable strategy in the long run. You therefore need to eat a reasonable amount.

The recommended number of calories for both genders are figured applicable to the average body types. They have them at around 2,000 for women, and 2,500 for men. Plan to eat a number of calories on the lower side of your gender’s recommended figure. The amount that will work for you will depend on your levels of activity. Active gym participants or those generally with very active lifestyles need not reduce their number of calories by much, if at all. Neither do they need to use appetite suppressants. To work well, your body requires energy, obtained from the food you eat. Drastically reducing the amounts you eat can only lead to poor performance at home, at work and in the gym. You will be tempted very easily to drop your new diet trend.

When you are looking to attain your target of losing weight, the practice of calorie counting is ideal, only if you design your diet to guarantee your body gets all the nutrients it needs. Do not make drastic changes like halving your calorie intake, rather, reduce the amount gradually and in minimal subtractions, while still performing the same activities. Those wishing to engage in more activities do not require any subtractions on their calorie figures. You can also utilize a food diary to monitor the foods you consume.

Weight loss has more to do with what you eat than how much of it you consume. Different portion sizes for different foods have different caloric content. Similar portions of healthy, natural foods and processed, junk foods will have different calorie content, with the higher content found in the recessed kinds. A balance therefore needs to be struck between attaining the feeling of joy and satiety during meal times, and hitting the desired weight category.

A lot of us closely watch our caloric intake while on the journey to weight loss. This strict habit especially at the beginning of the exercise normally leads to quick losses due to the steep and quick reduction. This forms the wrong approach. It is advisable to create your own healthy, balanced diet that ensures you have the energy you need, while reducing any excesses, and incorporating your daily activities. You will achieve your target of a lighter, healthier body.

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