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Health Consequences Of Alcohol Addiction Alcohol addiction is the case or situation whereby an individual is fully dependent on alcohol and is often considered as a disease. Alcohol reliance has ended up being to a great degree transcendent in the late year due to a few factors peer weight whereby an individual sees their partners taking an interest in alcohol and they also get deceived into it since they have to look like their partners then they end up getting subject to alcohol. Another component that may prompt to liquor fixation is likewise the family history of the person in that an individual experiences childhood in a family setting where the greater part of the relatives are liquor subordinate consequently this additionally pushes the person into taking part in liquor which later outcomes to compulsion. However alcohol addiction tends to have a couple of effects to the individual and the family members too in that it affects the functionality of the brain by disrupting and changing the mood of the brain and this in turn leads to an individual being moody, they cannot be able to think clearly and also affects the individuals coordination. It moreover influences the heart in that it hurts the heart by expanding and hanging of the heart muscles realizing the heart to have a sporadic heart beat and besides prompts to hypertension which may at last outcome into a stroke. Alcohol addiction also destroys the pancreas e in that it causes the pancreas to produce toxic waste which leads to the inflammation of the pancreas and swelling of the blood vessels and this in turns helps prevent proper digestion of food in the stomach.
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Alcohol impulse in like manner tends to impact the sheltered structure by making it weaker therefore puts a man at the threat of getting diseases and pollutions, people who are subject to alcohol tend to be more disposed to illnesses, for instance, pneumonia and tuberculosis. It also tends to promote depression in an individual this is because alcohol affects the part of the brain that is often associated with moods such as happiness and sadness hence this makes an individual feel low most of the time and this often results to a feeling of depression.
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Alcohol addiction also affects an individual’s reproductive health in that the most common effect of alcoholism in men is erectile dysfunction whereby an individual becomes sexually inactive and it also inhibits the production of sex hormones and this often leads to the case of infertility hence this means that an individual cannot be able to sire children or bear children.