Olive Fertility clinic

Fertility from the side of biological meaning is the ability of a mature organism to give offspring. It is a really complex process which requires a number of efforts to reach success. In ADONIS Fertility clinic we offer the best service and medical treatment for your successful result in the field of baby conception, carrying and delivery.

For better understanding of your own body and its processes, it is crucial to know what actions can be harmful for fertility and baby delivery.

The most common factors affecting fertility:

  • Environmental and occupational factors

Emissions, environmental processes, radiation, household chemicals, food preservatives and many other factors affect the germline cells even in the early stages of development.

  • Smoking, medications and drugs taking

It affects both female and male fertility, can be the reason for ovulation violation, decreases the quantity and quality of sperm and affects the women’s ovaries.

  • Excessive physical activity

Regular physical activity is an integral part of healthy lifestyle, especially for future parents, but overtraining affects oppositely. For women, intense exercises impair embryos implantation and increase the risk of spontaneous termination of pregnancy during the first trimester.

  • Low or excess weight

Low weight can cause infertility, while overweight can contribute to ovulation and menstruation absence for women. Low or excess weight can negatively affect sperm quality for men.

All of these factors should be taken into consideration in the process of infertility treatment preparation, conception, baby carrying and even surrogacy infertility treatment.

ADONIS center for reproductive medicine devotes more attention to ensuring that the quality of the treatment is of the top level. We always care about patients and give them the best service, because our main goal is your health and well-being!

In the sphere of reproductive health, ADONIS provides the full circle of medical care assistance. Together with male and female infertility diagnostic, tests and lead ups, we will provide all the manipulations to make your results of high level and your IVF or Surrogacy treatment successful.

The whole range of technological facilities are ready for the new patients. ADONIS own embryo laboratory includes the best equipment while skilled medical staff knows every aspect of the effective treatment process, which are individually adapted for the clients’ requests.

The correctly and professionally done diagnostic is the right way to start your treatment program. The best quality ADONIS medical assistant is your right choice.

We provide the widest range of laboratory tests:

  • Andrology (spermogram, HB-test and ROS-test, MAR-test)
  • Sperm fertilization preparation
  • Egg fertilization preparation
  • Sperm and egg cryopreservation
  • TESE procedure

The quality of the worldwide market with affordable prices (by comparison of Olive Fertility clinic, for example) ADONIS Fertility International is the clinic of the dream service, the main value of which is the best serving the clients we care for!