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How to Find the Best Menstrual Cup

There are certain aspects about the menstrual cup that you will have to look at to get your best fit.

is there need to measure the menstrual cup It is a fact that many of the ladies will think that they will need to measure the size of their lady parts. This being an aim to get the right fit for their genitals. worth noting is that all this is not necessary to some extent with regard to the menstrual cups. The menstrual cups are always in the right fit, and they range between the small and large cups. Worth noting is that you may require the assistance of the gynecologist where he will advise you on the cup to choose. the doctor will be aimed to look at your genitals, and from the findings, he will tell whether you have a high or low cervix. however, even if you are seeking assistance from the gynecologist to find your cervix, it is also worthy to note that trying out the menstrual cups is a trial and error mechanism.

What level of firmness do you require? Well this is a common question that most of the ladies will be looking for answers to. worth noting is that the menstrual cup has to be able to open once it is put in the vagina, this way it will surround the cervix ready to collect the menstrual flow. However, all this will depend on the strength of the walls.

and for that case you will find out that most of the ladies who do exercises, will have stronger walls. the Diva cup can come in handy when the walls are stronger. And on the other hand, the lighter walls may work best with fewer firm cups.

all you need to know about the menstrual cup

It is a fact is that menstrual cups offer large bonuses to ladies using them. This s the case since they are not disposed of after use. on the flips side it is rather important to know how much the cups cost, and in this case, it cost just a range between 20$ and 30 $. This cost is considerably cheap with the knowledge that it will serve you for a long period of time when compared to the pads and tampons. This is made possible with appropriate cleaning. the cleaning can be done with body wash after the cleaning the cup can be used again.

always look forward to educating women as this empowers them. keep them educated.