10 Ways to Create a Harmonious Family

Creating a harmonious family is certainly the desire of us all … but to achieve…

Creating a harmonious family is certainly the desire of us all … but to achieve it is not easy, many things that can hinder the creation of it, ranging from economic problems, the harmony of husband and wife itself and many other things, and for detail info : harmonious family life

However, there are ways you can do to maintain that wholeness, even you can still have a positive family and home environment if you do some of the following suggestions. Oh yes, to make suggestions, you do not need to quit working, it just takes a wise time setting, and a real example for kids.

1. Always be in touch with all family members.

One of the most important things in the integrity of a family is the feeling of belonging to one another strongly. You may be busy at the table when the morning is just before, but there’s nothing wrong if taking a few minutes to greet the child and husband and ask their schedule that day.

2. Sit down and eat together.

The only chance a family might have with a super busy member to get together is when dinner arrives. So, keep all family members always eat together.

A study says that children who always eat with their families have a lower naughty potential than those who do not. In addition, in its development, the children are also much more ‘safe’ from drug temptation and dropping out of school. Sitting and eating together can also make each member more familiar with each other.

3. Develop goodness and generosity with one another.

As a harmonious family, find out who among family members or neighbors might need help. Then work together to fulfill the ‘help call’. This is also an important lesson for later children to be people who have a social life and care for others.

Schedule a family vacation.

When the day comes, make a collective agreement to leave each other’s busy. Turn off the TV, mobile, computer, or other annoying things for a day, and use the day for a walk, a swim or a picnic. This kind of activity will make the relationship with each other more closely.

5. Communication, communication, and communication.

Provide a special time each day, if possible, with the family so you and they can tell you about their lives and activities. It can also be an opportunity for families to meet together to tackle issues that may arise in the family.

Go to the place of worship together.

No matter what your current religion and beliefs and family are, it is important to go to worship together. In addition to strengthening the faith, each member can discover the role, purpose, and meaning of life in the family and society.

7. Let the child lead (occasionally).

Children like to be heard, so sometimes let the kids make decisions and parents follow, for example about the weekend holiday activities. In addition to educating children to be able to take decisions, they can also know their ability and limitations in assessing something

8. Make a commitment to work together in the home.

Building the ‘we can’ mentality through the experience of working together in accomplishing something is definitely better than the individualist mentality and surrender. Remember, the family is a team.

9. Maintain health.

If parents like to eat junk food and never exercise then the child will have the same tendency. So, model your child to live a healthy lifestyle and discipline. For example, brushing your teeth before bed, wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle, wearing a seat belt, eating vegetables, exercise, waking up, putting things in place, and others.

10. Accept each other as-is.

Each family member is different, there is nothing even if they are twins. Be open with the thoughts of others, even if it is your own children. Thus, in the family there will be mutual respect that can bring a pleasant atmosphere in everyday life.