5 Cool Kitchen Tips For Easier & Exciting Cooking Activities


In order for the cooking event to be more fun, easy and does not make a headache, it is important to know cool kitchen tips, for detail please visitĀ chicken broth. Consciously or not, these tips can even make your life feel much more meaningful while in the kitchen. What are the tips? Check out the following.

Peeling Boiled Eggs
In order to boil easily peeled eggs and beautiful shapes aka not damaged, after lifting boiled and hot eggs, immediately soak the eggs into ice water. This will make it easier for you to peel eggs. It also guarantees boiled eggs well peeled and the shape becomes more perfect aka not sticky.

Chili Chili
Before frying chilies for spices, be sure to split the laurels or the chili puncture. This way to avoid chili erupted when fried. If you do not want to bother poking chili, fry chili with a little oil or pan-fried while covering the pan.

Rinse Vegetables
When rinsing vegetables, add salt to the water to rinse the salt. Adding this salt is aimed to keep bacteria and remnants of dirt on vegetables can disappear properly. Adding salt also aims to make the texture of vegetables more fresh and fresh.

Wash Tofu with Hot Water
Let the texture tofu more dense and chewy, wash with hot water. Add a little salt in the water to wash tofu to make the taste more savory and tasty. As for storing tofu, keep it in a sealed container with a little added water and put it in the refrigerator. This storage mode will keep you up to 1 week long.

Fish Fry
Often we find fried fish sticky and crushed. To solve this problem, fry the fish in a special frying pan, do not turn the fish before the bottom of the fish is completely dry, select fresh and fresh fish, do not use excessive spices and avoid using dirty frying pan to fry the fish. Fire for frying fish also should not be too hot or too cold.