7 Tips for Building a Successful Career

Here are 7 tips for building successful careers from CEOs and successful entrepreneurs, and of…

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Here are 7 tips for building successful careers from CEOs and successful entrepreneurs, and of course for more information : paayi

Let others challenge you

“Make sure you are surrounded by people who are smarter than you. If you hang out with people who like to cause debate (in positive terms) and provide input on things that you may never think about, it will make your ideas, products, or services become stronger, “said Marc Sampogna, CEO / Founder of Canopy Brand Group.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

“Years ago, I often thought that my success was due to my efforts. That changed when my efforts almost failed and I needed help from others. That’s when I learned that no success was able to be obtained without the help of others. Understanding the vision of the people around you is as important as understanding your own vision, “said Troy Hazard, Future-Proofing Your Business Entrepreneur and Author

Dare to take risks

“When intuition says that you can carry out the idea – even though you don’t know every detail – just run it! When I and my daughter, Ariana, launched the Superstar Nail Lacquer, I did not know how to produce and package the product. But, I still started the business while finding out how I could make it happen, “said Stacia Pierce, Founder of Ultimate Lifestyle Enterprises.

Look for a good mentor

“The best way to get out of a career barrier is to find a mentor or put yourself in the environment of highly motivated people in your field. Sometimes what we need is to talk to someone who has been through the same time, “Wendy McMonigle, the owner of WM Design House, shared her tips.

—Wendy McMonigle, Owner of WM Design House

Show your passion

“My motto: nothing great can be achieved in life without enthusiasm. I am proud of the passion I bring to the company and the energy I bring to the office every day. If I am excited, then I know that spirit will be contagious. I believe that is what distinguishes someone from “OK” to “extraordinary”, “said Chad Johnson, CEO and Founder of Lady Jane’s

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

“Entrepreneurs often share stories about how they started a company or organization in a garage – then miraculously became a multimillion-dollar company overnight. But, they did not tell the hardest part: not sleeping nights, obstacles, and mistakes during the process. When I started my company, what kept me running my business was that I chose to face these mistakes. “Failure is a real failure if you don’t learn from it,” said David Simnick, CEO and Co-founder of SoapBox Soaps.

Trust your instincts

“My best advice? Do what you think is right. Every individual has his own motivator that makes them happy, and if you understand it, you can create a meaningful career, “said Jane Miller, Founder of JaneKnows.com.