A New Chair for Dad

When my father was diagnosed with cancer, we knew that we were in for a very long road ahead of us. My father is a fighter though, and we all prepared together for this battle. He was a very strong and healthy man until this diagnosis, and the chemotherapy really took a toll on him. He lost not only weight but his strength too. He was having a hard time getting up out of his favorite chair, and we knew that we needed to look into a mobility aids website to see if there was something that would help him get up and around a lot easier.

We just wanted to help him in whichever ways we could, and finding a lift chair that was both comfortable and easy to get out of was our top priority. He had to sit a lot because he was just so weak, and we wanted him to be as comfortable as possible. We looked at all the riser recliners on the site we went to, and we knew that we were going to be able to find just what our dad needed. The nice thing about this site is that there were just so many different riser recliners that anyone would be hard pressed not to find something that they wanted.

Our dad is not the type to enjoy a chair that is cushy and covered in a fabric other than leather. We were able to find him a great leather recliner in a rich brown color. It matches his other furniture in the house, and it looks almost like the chair that he had to give up during this time. The price was exceptional, and my dad was comfortable from the very first time he sat in it. Even better, he had no problem getting up from it! He is cancer free now, but he has kept the chair because it is so comfortable!