All About electronic Liquids


The liquid which is present in Electronic cigarette is called electronic Liquid. This is the reason behind flavor for electronic cigarette and it also provides nicotine solution. In electronic cigarette the exhaling needs a vapor which is created by eLiquid and this helps in mimicking the smoke which is similar to traditional analogue cigarette.

Among many types of electronic Liquid which are available today, some are nicotine free and some are not. Electronic Liquid comes in varieties of strength.

For example some of the strengths are as below.

  • High: this contains 24 mg of nicotinea
  • Regular: this comes with 18 mg nicotine
  • Light: This comes with 12 mg nicotine
  • None: This is free of nicotine

What it contains?

To get smooth flavor electronic Liquid is made up of base ingredients. The base here can be propylene glycol or PG and vegetable Glycerin or VG. Some of the base contains both. Along with these VG and pG they also contain artificial flavors or natural flavors. Some of them come with either apple or vanilla flavors which can satisfying and unique recipes.

Propylene Glycerol is usually used in food products as a flavoring carrier. It is also used as additive in certain medicines and sometimes as a an ingredient in food coloring as well. Compared to only PG blend the combination of PG and VG can give more smoothness. This ingredient is non toxic. VG is a vegetable based liquid which is thick and sweet. If VG is only used then it will be hard to smoke because this is very thick. That is why it is combined with PG. this ingredient is also non toxic.

How it works?

To get the same experience as smoking cigarettes, E-cigarettes comes with electronic Liquid. This is the reason behind giving the visual experience, nicotine and taste for cigarettes. But good thing is it is free of many chemicals which are present in normal cigarettes.

In some cases the vapors created can become allergic when there is high concentration of pg. So, in that case it is better to go for the ones which have more percentage of VG or either 100 percent VG. There will be an atomizer to heat the electronic Liquid. So, this component helps creates the smoke and that is inhaled by smokers.

One can either choose pre-filled cartridges or they can pre fill their cartridges. The second is more economical. So every time no need to purchase new ones rather one can refill the old ones. The refilling is not that difficult and more over it is economical.

Where to buy?

Today eLiquid is available on Internet in online stores. electronic Liquid is available in many flavors and strengths and it ranges from 0 mg to 36 mg. In the beginning it is suggested to start with lower strengths. If it is possible one can go until 0 mg. Then the user will be left with a habit that is hand to mouth. After beating the nicotine, it will take different duration for different people.