Become a Pro in Online Cycling & Conquer the Virtual World

Were you a cycling pro when you were a kid? Did you use to ride…

Were you a cycling pro when you were a kid? Did you use to ride fast like the wind? Here’s your chance to prove you’ve still got it in you. Join the Vingo app and compete in Online cycling tournaments that take place in the virtual world.

Here’s how it works. First, you will need to set up a training bike in a comfortable corner of your home, Then, you need to install Vingo on your smart device. It could be your smartphone, or your tablet, or even your smart TV. You can then place the screen before your training bike. Now, you are all set to go.

Racing Communities in the App

Inside the Vingo app, you can find thousands of people joining together as communities. They can be based on the mode of exercises, locations, time zones and more. All these communities of people are united under a single goal, to get fit the fun way. Among them, some communities make exercises more challenging by conducting races from time to time. They could be short sprint events or hours long marathons. Either way, the participants take it as a personal challenge and compete with grit. This way they all get benefitted of the exercise and they don’t get bored of it either.

You can join these tournaments too. This way you will never get bored of Indoor cycling, and you will get fit in the fastest way possible.

Share Your Victories in Social Media

Another thing you can do with the app is post your daily, monthly, and even yearly progress in all your social media accounts. You can also post your tournament victories to your followers and inspire them too. With all your victories in your hand you can become a motivation fitness trainer within the virtual world.

The Virtual World of Fitness

So, where does all this action take place, you ask? It’s the simulated world of Vingo – the Indoor cycling app, of course. The app is filled with hundreds of digital locations, which you can see on your screen as soon as you log into the app. They are all HD and the bigger your screen the better your experience will be. So, make sure you fit your smart TV in front of your training bike before you begin.

Cycle or Run – Your Wish

Also, it can be used in running tournaments too. You can pair it with your treadmill instead of your training bike. This is why it is called the best run app by many of its followers.

Personalise Your Looks Inside the App

You can also create your own digital version inside the app. This way you can maintain your looks in the virtual world too. Just upload your selfie and let the app create your avatar. You can equip your avatar with your favourite cycle, colourful outfits, helmets, and even your pet dog.  There is a lot you can do inside Vingo as it provides urgent care for all your physical fitness needs.