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11 Harmonious and Happy Household Tips

Here are tips to build a household to always be harmonious family, romantic and happy until old until death separates.

Not Degrading and Criticizing Couples

All also know that being humiliated is uncomfortable, especially when done by a loved one. Without conscious, sometimes we often criticize whatever the couple did as if no one is the right behavior. But there is also not intended to patronize but wrong in delivering so that the couple feel humiliated. Therefore, avoid the habit of complaining too often that leads to criticism and patronizing the couple. Although there is something to be criticized, convey it gently and politely.

Not Compare Couples With Others

Both husbands and wives do not like other people. Often we talk about the greatness of other couples in front of the couple unknowingly that it hurt her very much.

Not Making Decisions Without Discussion With Couples

This is a habit that often happens and often considered trivial. Always think that the couple must agree with whatever we decide, which is not necessarily true. Maybe 1-2 times acceptable to the couple. But if it’s too often, it can be a rock that blocks your relationship and your partner.

Not Using Sex To Punish

Of course you do not agree if sex is used as an excuse to suppress, punish, and seek profit. Although the couple loves you very much, if you often threaten not to “serve”, he can run long into someone else’s arms.

Not against

The next harmonious household tips are not against. For wives, the habit of fighting a husband should be quickly discarded because it shows that you do not value husbands. Especially when the opposition leads to words and physical. Imagine if this condition occurs in your household, do you feel at home in it?

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