How to deal with diaper rash in infants?


There are several ways you can try. Check out the following:

1. Make sure you routinely check the diapers

This point is very important, that is checking your baby’s diaper, whether it is wet or dirty? You also need to wash your hands first before changing your baby’s diaper, for detail please visit diaper rash. Clean the covered area of ​​the diapers with a soft cloth or by spraying water from the bottle. You can also wipe it with a tissue, but do not rub it too hard. Also avoid wet tissue containing alcohol or perfume. When you bathe your baby, use a mild soap, pat the section on which the rash appears.

Try to have your baby have hours where he does not wear diapers. This can keep the skin dry and free of friction. When not wearing a diaper, you can put it on a towel.

2. Routine change the diaper

When a rash appears on your baby’s skin, diaper changing routine is a must-do thing. When should you replace it? Normally is 2 to 3 hours. But try to as soon as possible, when it looks dirty, you have to immediately replace it. A rash plus a damp skin can trigger increasing irritation.

So also with the way when put diapers on the baby, try not wrapped diapers tightly, so that the skin can breathe and rash does not become severe. Make sure you wait for baby’s skin to dry first, before a new diaper is given. Disposable diapers can also help keep your baby’s skin dry.

3. Provide cream or gel for the baby

You can also use a cream that contains zinc to relieve skin rashes, and prevent other irritations. You can ask your doctor or pharmacist about a good cream to rub on baby’s skin. Avoid using steroid cream (hydro cortisone) unless your doctor prescribes it. This type of cream can irritate the baby’s ass skin, especially if the use is not appropriate.

After applying the right cream, you can apply a petroleum jelly, so the cream does not stick in the diapers. Vaseline-like gels may be suitable for application, in addition to their small perfume content, the price is also affordable. This type of gel is also not too strong, so it is safe to use.

4. Notice how to choose a diaper

Some parents admit that recognizing which diaper is suitable for the baby to wear can reduce the rash in infants. Here are tips:

You can try switching to cloth diapers, or trying disposable diapers from different brands.
If you wash your own baby cloth diapers, replace also the detergent (laundry soap) commonly used for cleaning diapers. Use a soft wash soap, which is hypoallergenic. You can also add half a cup of vinegar while rinsing the diaper.

5. Choose clothes that absorb the air

In addition to not putting perfume-containing products, the right choice of clothes also helps relieve rashes. Tight clothes or diapers can damp the area around the baby’s bottom, and make the baby feel hot. Especially with the weather in Indonesia is sometimes uncertain. Materials that absorb sweat are needed during hot weather. In addition to avoiding rash, the baby will also feel more comfortable.