How To Treat The Sore Throat Pain Naturally Powerful

1. Salt water

Do not underestimate, it turns out salt is very powerful to cure sore throat. Spice this one kitchen has antiseptic properties that can kill bacteria or virus causes sore throat, for detail sore throat

In addition, salt also serves to dissolve the mucus that is usually found in the throat. You can treat a sore throat in two ways, by using brine to rinse or drink it.

How to treat sore throat with brine:

Provide water with a normal temperature of a glass only
Then dissolve 1-2 tablespoons of salt into it
Use salt to gargle
As for you who accompanied by sputum, please drink.

2. Garlic

Still around kitchen spices, then you can use garlic. Some experts say, garlic contains alicin compounds that can help kill bacteria and reduce inflammation.

How to cure sore throat with garlic:

Chew a single piece of garlic that is still raw until smooth
Take water (normal temperature) and use to rinse
To eliminate the bad taste you drink honey.

3. Lemon and honey

I used to discuss about the benefits of honey are amazing for health, including one can overcome inflammation. But for maximum results, should mix with lemon. This fruit has a high vitamin C content that can boost your immune system.

How to treat a sore throat with lemon honey:

Squeeze one fresh lemon, then mix with honey in one glass (the amount of honey can be adjusted taste)
Immediately drink the mixture that has been made before it runs out.

4. Chicken Soup

When asked about which throat medicine is the most delicious, surely you will choose this chicken soup. In addition to delicious, chicken soup contains hot gravy that can reduce the pain of inflammation.

But for you spicy lovers try not to use too much sambal ya. Why? Due to the excessive spicy taste will make the inflammation worse, can even cause a sore in the throat.

5. Ginger Drink
Ginger is one of the traditional herbs that can cause a warm sensation in the body. It has a zingiberin compound that can smooth blood circulation, eliminate toxins (detoxification), and certainly overcome inflammation.

The trick is very easy, among others:

Prepare fresh spice ginger as necessary and one cup hot water
Pound the spice ginger, then brewed with hot water
In order to taste more delicious, add a few spoons of natural honey
Drink ginger water little by little and feel the warm sensation in the throat.

6. Eucalyptus oil

Do you know with steaming therapy? This one treatment is quite popular in Japan and beyond.

Steaming is a treatment made by using steam to smooth blood circulation, relieve headaches, reduce symptoms of inflammation, and even stress relievers.

Well, one of the ingredients that you can use for this treatment is eucalyptus oil.

How to treat sore throat with eucalyptus oil:

Prepare a basin of hot water that still evaporates
Drops hot water with eucalyptus oil
Breathe the warm aroma out of the basin of hot water
In order for warm steam to go nowhere, cover with a dry towel
Perform a steamy inhalation of hot steam until inflammation improves.

7. Bananas

When a sore throat strikes inevitably to swallow the food it hurts. Some doctors recommend that you eat soft foods first. One of the nutrient-rich foods recommended is bananas.

In addition to having a soft texture, bananas also have high potassium content that has been shown to reduce inflammation, counteract free radicals, and even boost the immune system. In order not to get bored consume it, you can also make banana juice.

8. Expand rest (sleep enough, reduce physical activity, avoid fatigue)

Essentially, strep throat will heal itself along with the improvement of the immune system. To boost the immune system one of them you can reproduce the rest.

Remember, rest is not just sleep. You also have to reduce physical activity such as working overtime and exercise so that the body is not tired. Because if the body is exhausted, the immune system will drop back so that the inflammation gets worse.

9. Drink plenty of water

Rest is not enough to boost the immune system. You also have to increase water consumption. Ideally experts recommend that we consume water at least 2-3 liters a day.