I Lost 50 Pounds on Nutrisystem

I know in the past, men would probably have been ridiculed for using a weight loss program like Nutrisystem. Even though it was never intended just for women, it just seemed to go in that direction. I needed to lose weight, so I joined a gym instead. The only problem with that was I was still overeating. I also was not getting to the gym as often as I thought I would. I decided to just go ahead and look at the Nutrisystem men plan reviews to see if there was something that would help me out.

I do enjoy eating. I could eat half of a large pizza along with a salad and bread sticks before. If I went to a buffet, I always had at least three plates of food. Was it any wonder I was overweight? I knew that I had to take care of myself better, which is why I turned to Nutrisystem after reading plenty of reviews written by guys who had brought this weight loss program into their own homes. The meal plan I signed up for was a 28 day plan. I was surprised that the food tastes as good as it does, and that I can eat a lot of what I really enjoy.

I never thought before that I could eat muffins, pasta, tacos, pizza, and even dessert while being on a weight loss program. With Nutrisystem though, it is a reality. The people behind the meal plans make sure that the food is healthy, and also that those of us using any particular program are getting the proper amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. I am so glad that they had a program just for men, because our bodies are definitely different and need a diet plan that will reflect that. Nutrisystem absolutely does, and my 50 pound weight loss is proof of that.