Many Dental Services in One Great Location


If you are looking for a Brooklyn NY dentist, you might be having a hard time finding an office and a staff that provide all of the services that you and your family need. It can be a challenge to find a single practice that offers a wide array of services to patience of all ages but there is a great option for you in Brooklyn at Park Slope Dentistry. You will be impressed with the extensive training, quality and wide range of services offered at this single location.

Getting your child to the dentist can be a tough experience for both parent and child. But with more than thirty years of experience working with children, this office is a place that your child will enjoy visiting and never be afraid of. The office recommends bring your child to the office before he or she turns three. This will ensure that they have excellent dental care from a very young age and also that they are comfortable and at ease going to the dentist. It will be more like visiting a friend or going to a familiar place rather than a new and scary experience.

For older children and adults there is every possible service offered that you could ever need. Cleaning and exams, teeth whitening, fillings and cleanings are all offered in the general dentistry category. If you have more advanced needs they also offer laminates and veneers, dental crowns, root canals, and even dental implants. And of course, should you ever have a dental emergency, they will be able to meet any needs that you might have.

With over three decades of experience serving the community as the premier Brooklyn NY dentist office, you will always know that you are in very capable hands. Years of training and study at the New York University College of Dentistry and hundreds of hours of continuing education means that this office will meet and exceed all of your Brooklyn NY dentistry needs.