! Spanish News Today – A Game Of Two Halves With Scorching Temperatures And Storms: Spain Weather May 4-7

Date Published: 04/05/2023

Changeable weather typical of May will dominate the coming weekend in Spain

A game of two halves with scorching temperatures and storms: Spain weather May 4-7

The first weekend of May will arrive with a drastic change in temperature as two fronts bring intense storms to the north of the country while the thermometers continue to climb in the south.


This Thursday, May 4, a humid flow of air from the southwest will flood to northern Spain, resulting in abundant rain in the west of Galicia and dramatically lower temperatures compared to earlier in the week. But in a real game of two halves, the mercury will steadily rise in the Mediterranean, with temperatures easily exceeding 30ºC in parts of Andalucía and even tipping 32ºC in Murcia.


Certain points of the Canary Islands might be in for a tropical night but for the most part, the evening will be much more comfortable around the mid-teens.


Thursday should be mostly clear with some high clouds across the country.


As we move into Friday May 5 the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) predicts that a front will approach the west of Spain, increasing the chances of low clouds. More rain is forecast during the afternoon in northwestern Galicia, where a southerly wind will continue to gain strength as the day goes on.


Much like Thursday, the mercury will continue to fall in the north but will remain in the high 20s in most other areas. Andalucía will be the warmest community, with highs of up to 33ºC forecast for Seville.


On Saturday May 6 a new trough of cold air will cross the country, leaving showers and occasional storms in its wake. As usual, the worst of the rain will be confined to northern Spain, where there will likely be quite intense in the early morning.


By late afternoon the rain will reach the Pyrenees and the Balearic Islands.


With the exception of the Mediterranean coast and the Canary Islands, the temperatures will drop across the board.


According to the meteorologists, the accumulated heat together with the arrival of a cold air mass will result in increasing cloudiness throughout the day.


The weekend will close with a bright and sunny day on the whole on Sunday May 7, except in the northeast and the Balearic Islands, where yet more downpours are expected. The temperatures will be the most extreme of the weekend, jumping up in western Spain and dropping inland and in the Balearic Islands.


Even with these dramatic fluctuations, few provinces will see the mercury dip much below the high 20s.



Image: Meteored


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