Stage 4 cellulite. Which one are you at now?

Every woman sooner or later faces one of the most hated problems: cellulite. That’s because it’s a secondary sex characteristic and not a disease that everyone fights so hard.

So what is cellulite, and how do we fight it?

Cellulite is the hypertrophy of fat cells in certain parts of the body, which disrupts blood circulation to the skin and promotes fibrosis.

Interestingly, “orange peel” is an exclusively female “disease”, highly dependent on the number of hormones produced by the body.

That is why all pregnant women, women taking contraceptives, and, often, obese women have cellulite. But beautiful slim women are also the owners of this “beautiful” phenomenon.

In addition, factors for the development of this unpleasant problem may be:

  • Improper diet;
  • lack of sports;
  • sedentary and sedentary lifestyle;
  • stress;
  • pregnancy;
  • the effects of toxins on the body;
  • bad habits;
  • pancreatic dysfunction, which means a metabolic disorder;
  • endocrine and thyroid disorders;
  • genetic predisposition.

A total of 4 stages of cellulite development are distinguished.

The first stage is completely imperceptible at first sight, but already actively manifesting itself.

Areas of irregularity are usually swollen and cellulite is evident when folds are formed. This stage is mostly typical for teenagers and young adults under 25 who lead an inactive life and abuse fast food and sugary sodas.

At that age, the skin retains its natural firmness and elasticity, and cellulite is expressed by swelling in specific areas of the body (mostly on the outer surface of the thighs and buttocks).

The problem at this stage is solved by diet, vigorous exercise, maintaining the water balance in the body, and skincare treatments: moisturizing, nourishing, scrubs, and massages.

The second stage is diagnosed by the naked eye.

It is noticeable by tensing of the gluteal muscles, sitting leg to leg, and visible bumps appear when a crease is formed.

By increasing in size, the cells provoke swelling of the tissues and vascular walls. As a result, the oxygen saturation of the tissue is impaired, nutrients and vitamins are poorly absorbed, and toxins and impurities accumulate, causing enormous damage to the whole body. The body, under stress, begins to actively accumulate fat, initially in the areas where it is most noticeable: the thighs and buttocks.

Restoring your skin’s youthful beauty and firmness can be achieved by diet, adding exercise to your schedule (which can include fitness, exercising at home, long-distance walks, running and games), and getting a massage, which you can’t do without.

You can do basic skincare and massage yourself. All you need is a moisturizer, a scrub, vitamin oil, and a medium-hard brush to massage problem areas.

But the best thing to do is to contact a professional who will be able to find an individualized orange peel program for you, without causing any harm to your health.

For example, b-flexy is a vacuum-roller method of working on problem areas of the body that helps to remove excess fluid from the body. Fat tissue is reduced, cellulite is eliminated, and the skin is smoother and tighter.

The B-FLEXY technique allows you not only to remove annoying cellulite, but also to get rid of loose skin, stretch marks, and to relieve fatigue all over the body.

The ROLSONE (РОЛСОН)  equipment used for liposphere therapy (липосфератерапия) is highly effective. Liposphere therapy (липосфератерапия) combines laser lipolysis (fat cells are not destroyed, but their membrane permeability is changed) and active lymph drainage (removal of excess fluid, toxins, and waste products from the body). A strong fighter against excess fat is recommended even in stages 3 and 4 of cellulite.

Third stage.

In this stage, cellulite is visible to the naked eye and is strongly evident when sitting and when the muscles are tense.

Hypertrophied adipocytes continue to accumulate triglycerides and toxins, adipose tissue grows — volume and weight increase accordingly. Vascular walls in these areas weaken under the weight of exertion, and capillaries become thinner and, as a result, burst, forming reticles or even bruises that can last for months.

Nutrition, sports, and massage alone are not enough to eliminate the problem of orange peel at this stage. A combination of treatments, including machine massage, is needed.

Here again, liposphere therapy is an indispensable aid, as it is very delicate and works deeply with the pathogenesis and the effect.

R-SLEEK, Stratosphere are relatively new developments, based on a two-phase technique. Thanks to the apparatus and the specially developed suit, maximum thermal effect is achieved. Consequently, the fat “melts” before your eyes — cellulite disappears and the skin becomes elastic and tightened. The treatments work well for cellulite grades 1 and 2.

The fourth — advanced stage of cellulite, which can only be corrected, but not 100% eliminated.

It can be tidied up by injecting leading enzymes into the subcutaneous fat layer, which breaks down the fibrous strands. Also in stage 4, the person is often overweight, which requires work and possibly radical methods of correction (liposuction surgery).

This stage is noticeable when the muscles are relaxed and when one tries to pull the skin into a fold, pain is felt and the tissues are generally livid and cold on palpation.  In the fourth stage, access to nutrients to the cells is restricted.

You can check the condition of the skin right now and take action. To determine for yourself the presence and severity of cellulite, just squeeze an area of skin on your thigh, if small bumps appear — this is the second stage. In the third degree, the bumps are visible, while in the fourth degree there is a painful sensation. This is a field method.

In addition to this, a thermographic examination can and should be performed. With the help of thermographic equipment represented by special liquid-crystal plates, the doctor will scan the state of subcutaneous fat tissue and determine its condition (fibrosis, swelling, areas of impaired trophicity). He marks the areas affected by cellulite and selects ways to solve the problem.

It is not possible to get rid of cellulite altogether as it is a secondary sex characteristic of women and only if you have a male morphotype, it is possible to avoid this unpleasantness. But the owners of this type have a very specific figure — no lush thighs, rounded buttocks, and all the attractive forms inherent in the real woman. A permanent ‘struggle’ in the form of cosmetic solutions, discipline, and moderation in diet can delay the manifestation of cellulite. It is enough to normalize your diet:

  • remove an abundance of flour and sweets, unhealthy foods (sodas, burgers, and chocolate);
  • maintain an active lifestyle and exercise;
  • carry out simple procedures to moisturize the skin and maintain vitamins in the body.

It does not hurt to scrub and massage with natural ingredients: coffee, sugar, honey, as well as dry brush massage with oils for lymphatic drainage and oxygenation of the cells. But it’s like a meme :

  • I’ve found a remedy to fight cellulite.
  • How?
  • Exercise twice a day, morning and evening. Meditation before going to bed. Limit yourself to sweets, biscuits, and snacks. And cream before going to bed.
  • What kind of cream?

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