The importance of exercise on your health

When it comes to staying in the best shape, nothing can quite top exercise for looking after your health. You only have to look at the health issues that being overweight can cause for an example of the damage that not exercising can bring. It is reported that 2 billion people worldwide were overweight in 2017 and suffered from conditions such as obesity or diabetes as a result.

These kind of figures show just what a big problem the modern world is facing with general health and also how key exercise is to helping solve them.


Why is exercise so vital for your wellbeing?  

There are many great reasons to work out regularly to reap the benefits that it brings to your overall health. The below are the key ways that exercise is good for your health:

  • Keeps you in trim – as we have already noted, being overweight is not only very bad for you but also increasingly common globally. Regular exercise is one of the best ways of shifting any excess weight or keeping it from being a problem in the first place. It will not only allow you to look and feel better but also stop vital organs such as your heart from being put under too much strain.
  • Lower blood pressure – another dangerous condition that many suffer from in modern life is high blood pressure. This can be very serious and potentially deadly if it goes too high without treatment. Exercise helps to keep your blood pressure at the correct levels along with improving your circulation.
  • Great for your mood – it is not just the physical effects of exercise that help you stay healthy either. Exercise is superb at lifting your mood and helping you be in a more positive frame of mind. This is down to the chemicals released when you work out, such as serotonin, which make you feel happy afterwards.
  • Keeps your body strong – without regular exercise to keep your muscles and bones strong, they can get weak over time. By working out, you are keeping your body in the best possible shape, which will make you more able to go about daily life. A stronger body is also great for health as you grow older.
  • Can help you live longer – another great benefit for your health is that exercise can help you live longer. Staying active as you go through your life helps to combat any chronic illnesses and boost your immune system to fight any bugs. This all results in a longer life expectancy of around seven years in most cases, compared to people who are not active.


How to get the most from your workouts 

Of course, knowing why you need to exercise to stay healthy is one thing. Making the decision to get active is another. If you are starting out on your new exercise regime, then the below will help you get the most out of it:

  • Compression clothing – this type of sports clothing can really help you work out to your maximum potential. It increases blood flow to your muscles when exercising to help boost athletic performance. It is also a great recovery aid and will stop you feeling sore or stiff afterwards when worn.
  • Go steady – one common mistake that you could make when beginning to work out is doing too much. Start with low reps or weights and build up gradually to more. Trying to do too much, too soon will only lead to injury! It is also vital to warm up with some stretching before you begin your session.
  • Stay hydrated – it is pretty certain that you will get hot and sweaty when you work out. This is good as it is a sign that your body is working hard and will give your health the desired boost. Remember to drink water as you exercise though to stay hydrated and feeling good.
  • Stick to a schedule – to really get the maximum health benefits from exercise, you need to do it regularly. Many people make the mistake of working out once in the first week, not at all in the second, twice in the third and so on. This does not get your body into the flow of working out and makes it hard to get the best that you can from it.


Exercise is crucial for your health  

By now, it should be clear that exercise is very good for your health. Not only does it brighten your mental state but it also fights off illness and keeps you in the best shape for your whole life. By taking steps to exercise regularly and get the most out of your sessions, you will be able to use exercise to stay healthy for many years to come.