Tips for Choosing Good Drinking Water

It is undeniable, that drinking water is a very important need for our daily lives….

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It is undeniable, that drinking water is a very important need for our daily lives. Along with the advancement of time & technology as well as new discoveries in the field of marketing, consumers are often confused by questions about the best drinking water for their families.With the increasing population and the lower quality of water supplied by the government through taps in homes, consumers often have no other choice but to choose bottled drinking water which is currently flooding the market. Not only are there more than 600 types of brands currently circulating in the market that make consumers confused, the types of water offered are increasing day by day, month to month.

According to experts in the drinking water sector, there are several types of drinking water currently circulating on the free market:

Artesian water:

Derived from protected sources (aquifier); The level of the water source must be within a certain height above the aquifer water source; Also known as artesian well water.

Distilled Water

Water that has been converted into steam to remove all the elements present at the source; The steam is then cooled to become water that is fit for drinking – without any minerals; Because it does not contain any minerals, distilled water is often used for fabrication of drugs and also as a mixture of dry drugs.

Fluorine water

Contains fluorine added to water, the amount in accordance with the provisions of the health department; Some artesian wells & springs contain fluorine naturally, in small amounts.

Mineral water

Must contain no less than 250 ppm (parts per million) of total dissolved solids (TDS) or total solid elements which are usually minerals in water; Must be taken from underground water sources that are geologically or physically protected; Distinguished from other types of water by the discovery of various types of minerals in the water; In mineral water no additional minerals should be given, for more information : water purification system installation Delray Beach & Boca Raton

Purified Water

Produced by distillation, ionization, reverse osmosis or other suitable methods and permitted by applicable water purification standards; Also known as demineralised water.

Carbonated water

Contains carbon dioxide after special treatment; Soda water, tonic water instead of drinking water & are included in the category.

Mountain water sources

Obtained from underground and flowing by itself towards the surface of the earth; Out from under the earth, from forms that occurred in ancient times; Must be taken directly from the spring or through drilling to collect and locate the location of this underground water source.