Ways to Take Care of Broken and Smelly Toenails

The foot is a part of the human body that is often forgotten to be…

The foot is a part of the human body that is often forgotten to be noticed, except in summer when people wear sandals and go barefoot. If you need to show off toenails infected and damaged by an ugly fungus at that time you realize that you have an untreated problem. Toenails can also become damaged when injured in that section. Usually a wound due to being hit by something or pinched. The dangers of nail polish can also cause nails problems. False nail polish can contain dangerous cosmetic ingredients. To avoid the dangers of fake makeup, make sure to only shop from a trusted store, for detail : Emoninail As an effect of various nail problems, toenails can become damaged and smelly. Other characteristics of unhealthy nails are:

– Nails aren’t shiny
– The color of the nail is cloudy, not bright
– Nails become thick

Toenails are protective for your toes when there is a collision with foreign objects. Toenails should not be left long because they can cause dirt to enter and settle between nails. For those of you who already experience the problem of broken and smelly toenails, you will immediately find a way to overcome them because the damaged and smelly toenails will make you uncomfortable and disturbed. The odor can come from fungi or dirt, but it can also be due to pus hidden under the nail due to injury.

If you have damaged or smelly toenails, don’t need to rush to the doctor because you can actually treat them first by yourself. If the nail condition doesn’t improve, then you are advised to go to the doctor to get more intensive treatment. But to go to the doctor or not, that is your choice. If you want to provide self-care on damaged and smelly nails, be sure to choose the right methods. Some ways that can be done to treat damaged and smelly toenails are as follows:

1. Use an antiseptic solution

Broken and smelly toenails must be cleaned before starting another treatment series. Providing treatment on toenails is also one way to maintain a woman’s appearance. Caring for nails that are damaged and smelly is a little different from how to care for your nails so that they are not yellow or how to treat your nails to be beautiful and clean. You can use an antiseptic solution to clean it. This liquid is also useful for killing germs and bacteria that can cause the nail to become damaged and smell worse. Clean your toenails with an antiseptic solution until they are completely clean. One thing you have to remember when doing maintenance on smelly and damaged toenails is to do it with patience and patience, for detail information : Nail Fungus Consumer Review

2. Stop wearing shoes for a while

The problem of toenails that are damaged and smell can be caused by the use of shoes that are not the right size or your shoes are not clean. Smelly shoes will also cause your nails to smell. If you have experienced unhealthy toenails but are still wearing shoes, chances are that this will make the toenails worse. If you are not forced to use shoes, you can use open sandals so that your toenails will not be tormented. But don’t forget to make sure your toenails are always clean.

3. Soak with a mixture of warm water and salt

Not only are there benefits of salt water for the face, but also for damaged and smelly toenails. Salt has the ability as an anti-inflammatory. Warm water mixed with a little salt to soak your feet will help prevent toenails from getting infected. Even if you already have problems with toenails, salt will prevent the situation from getting worse. Soak your feet with warm water mixed with salt every day before going to bed. Soak for 10 to 15 minutes. After that you can wipe your feet and nails with a clean towel.

4. Use olive oil

Olive oil is rich in good nutrition for toenails. The use of olive oil for damaged toenails can stimulate nail growth more quickly. That way, damaged nails will be replaced with new, healthy nails. In addition, you can use olive oil as a way to care for your nails so that they are not easily brittle. Olive oil can also be used for treatment of healthy nails so that the appearance of the nail becomes more shiny. Many people also use olive oil as a way to lengthen nails quickly.

5. Use star fruit

If you do not provide antiseptic liquids at home, you can use water contained in star fruit to wash away damaged and smelly toenails. Wuluh starfruit can be used to kill bacteria and germs on toenails. Toenails that are treated with starfruit will also be stronger and not easily brittle so you will avoid other nail problems.

6. Use lime juice

Lime juice is also as good as star fruit. There are not only benefits of lime for hair that can be taken from it. In addition to cleaning nails from germs and bacteria, lime is also able to strengthen nails without containing side effects such as unpleasant odors or other things. For use, you can choose to squeeze the lime juice directly on toenails or by mixing it with warm water to soak your toenails for 10 to 15 minutes. Do soaking at night before going to bed.

7. Let the damaged nails grow replaced with new nails

While doing some of the above treatments, you can wait for the damaged and smelly nails to be replaced with beautiful new nails. If the nails are long, cut them but don’t cut them too short because they can cause the toes to hurt and hurt. Always be careful when cutting your nails so they don’t get hurt which can lead to infection.

How to Prevent Nails Damage and Odor

If you have successfully dealt with the problem of nails that are damaged and smelly, you also need to know how to prevent the nails from returning damaged and smelly. You can also apply it even though all this time you don’t have problems with toenails so you don’t get into trouble later on. Here are some simple ways you can do:

Always maintain the cleanliness of the feet and shoes that are used with frequent washing of the feet using soap.
Try to always wear footwear even inside the house because the floor is not always sterile. Use footwear that is specifically for inside the house.
Cut toenails regularly.
Don’t wear fake nail polish or wear nail polish for too long.

That’s how to treat damaged and smelly toenails naturally. In essence, always maintain the cleanliness of toenails because this part is susceptible to dirt that can contain germs and bacteria or even fungi. Hopefully this method can provide solutions to your toenail problems.