Local medical spa brings new holistic medicine treatments to McAlester |

Wendy Ragan and Katie Rings said they opened The Element Theory in 2023 after realizing there was not a lot of options for holistic healing available in the McAlester area.

“We would have to go to Tulsa or Oklahoma City or Dallas to get any of these treatment options,” Rings said. “And especially working with more holistic minded patients over there, I was like, ‘we need to bring something like this to McAlester.’”

Ragan explained the duo, who are also cousins, wanted a place where all their favorite holistic modalities could be accessed under one roof.

“You can go do halotherapy or red-light therapy, but it’s not all in one area,” Ragan said. “That’s kind of how we came about.”

The medical spa features five modalities — metal, water, wood, fire, and Earth, and is recommended to be done in the specific order for optimum healing.

“We researched the best way to stack the modalities, it’s called bio stacking,” Rings said. “It’s just the best way to experience each of these modalities.”

Clients start with metal, which features the VIBE bed, which is a frequency, vibrational, and sound therapy mat.

“It’s good for any anxiety, stress, inflammation,” Ragan said. “It gets down to the cellular level. It’s really like you’re thinking relaxing, but it’s also doing some more healing that you don’t know about. It has lots of different albums, different vibrations, different sounds that go with each album.”

After the 20-minute session with the VIBE bed is complete, the client will head into the water room, where a state-of-the-art cryo chamber awaits.

The eCabin cryo chamber exposes the body to extreme cold temperatures for a short period of time. That time is anywhere from one to three minutes but never exceeding three minutes. The neck and head are outside the cryo chamber. Once the client is inside the cryochamber, with the correct height, they can begin the session. Once the client reaches certain temperatures, the fans slowly turn off. If the client gets all of their checkmarks, then the session is over. There are three different levels they can do which include mild, default, and intense.

“Good for muscles, migraines, any tension,” Ragan said. “Think of it kind of like an ice bath. It’s just a full body ice pack.”

The next session is the wood room and contains an infrared sauna.

“It heats up with you, which is way more healthier than if you were just to walk in to like, 180 degrees,” Rings said.

From the wood room, the client will then go into the fire room.

“So, it’s red light, near infrared light, that is pretty much good for just about anything,” Rings explained. “It basically increases your healing time by four times the normal amount. So if you tore a ligament or broke a bone or sprained an ankle or anything, it can heal the body quickly because it goes down to the mitochondria of the cell. It goes down deep and repairs the cells from the inside out.”

The final modality is Earth.

“So, our Halo therapy, which is our salt cave/booth,” Ragan said.

She explained the client will have the choice between sitting in the larger salt cave, or a smaller concentrated booth depending on the relief that is sought.

“So, we have a booth that you would go in if you’re stopped up in the midst of like a sinus flare up, or cold, anything like that. That’s where you want to be. It’s about 10 minutes because it’s more concentrated. It breaks up all that mucus so you can get it out of there. It’s like a toothbrush for your lungs, basically,” Ragan said. “The salt cave, you’re in there for 25 minutes just because it’s a bigger room but it’s a more relaxing environment.”

The total cost for all five elements is $150 and takes approximately an hour and a half depending on which treatments are chosen at each modality.

Clients also have the choice to do one room at a time for $40.

“If you’re new to us, your first time is $1 for one room,” Ragan said. “So, if you want to try out any room, it’s just $1.”

The Element Theory is also having a summer special on Tuesdays through August where a person can buy one room for $40 and a second for $5.

Each room does have a list of contraindications, but a lot of them are a “check with your physician first” before using, according to Ring.

“There’s really not a lot of contraindications, but there are some,” Ring said “So we just say, check with your physician.”

Gift cards and packages are also available for purchase.

Those who are interested in making an appointment or have any questions can contact Rings and Ragan by calling 918-916-3062 or by visiting their website at www.theelementtheoryok.com.