I Am Wellness first holistic health studio for Latino community in Yuma

On a recent warm weekday morning in Yuma, a group of women gathered in Yuma for a yoga class.

While that is nothing new for women in Yuma County who practice yoga, the bilingual instructions in English and Spanish are something the two women who founded I Am Wellness say wasn’t being offered anywhere in Yuma County.

“What we offer at I Am Wellness is a holistic studio for the Latino community, said co-founder Krizia Godinez, who is also a host for Radio Sin Fronteras in Somerton. “So we offer several classes including yoga, barralates, sculpt and strength and more.”

Fellow co-founder Lola Garcia Bustamante said it’s about making those taking the classes the most comfortable.

“We share our classes in our mother language (Spanish) so we decided to open this safe space,” Garcia said.

Those who take the classes at I Am Wellness say they go for the sense of sisterhood they get from the instructors and classmates. Bernadette Sosa said she joined the center to help her with feelings of anxiety and depression.

“I would tell people to join,” Sosa said. “Besides helping you physically, it helps you mentally as well. You bond with people and it’s really nice to have it all here.”

Eleonora Gomez said it’s doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or expert yogi.

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done yoga or you’ve never exercised before.” Gomez said. “If you want to improve yourself, come here and they will help you. It’s a beautiful community and all experience levels are welcome.”

The I Am Wellness founders have brought on more instructors and also stream their classes for members. On the day I visited, Lori Jones and Garcia led the yoga class.

“I would say the yoga community in Yuma is like an oasis for spiritual growth, healing and support,” Jones said. “Lola and Krizia are beautiful spirits that have brought this space together.”

I Am Wellness opened in 2022, as people were getting used to gathering in groups after the COVID-19 pandemic. Garcia said that time in the world inspired her to help others.

“It’s about connection,” she said. “We’re humans and we want that connection with others. During COVID, we disconnected from others, so we want to reconnect with ourselves.”

I Am Wellness has expended to offer retreats and will offer a summer camps for kids to join as well.


Stay tuned to KAWC to hear from the founders of I Am Wellness, as well as a guest instructor and members.

For more information on I Am Wellness, visit iamwellnessstudio.com