Stratum and sibelius partner to deliver joint and brain health ingredients to UK market

Stratum says the two ingredients tap into the top categories of concern for healthy older adults.

“Consumers globally are looking for more products that can help them take a proactive approach to taking care of their health,” Chris Haynes, explained senior director of global sales at Stratum told NutraIngredients. “Two of the top categories of concern for healthy older adults are joint health and cognitive and brain health as these are two major areas that can affect their overall wellbeing as they age.

“These categories are gaining traction among more younger consumers as well as they are seeing the benefits the older generations are reaping due to their proactive approaches to maintaining their health. This widespread awareness and demand for cognitive and joint health products can create opportunities for brands and companies doing business in the UK to expand their product lines to reach a broader customer base.”

Stratum purchased Sibelius:Sage, with clinically-supported memory and attention benefits​, in February this year.  The S. officinalis ​extract was created utilizing Sibelius’ patented Chronoscreen technology, which studies cellular aging via phenotypic screening to identify and develop the best ingredients for the ideal sources. 

Standardized to deliver high levels of rosmarinic acid, the bioactive compound responsible for many of sage’s cognitive benefits, Sibelius:Sage is also 100% traceable and non-GMO.

Meanwhile NEM eggshell membrane, created by Stratum, is derived from the inner membrane of chicken eggshells, a natural source of key nutrients like collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid which work synergistically to provide joint health benefits.